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Helmi - Basic facts



Helmi is an old Sand Carrier from "Roslagen" - north of the Capital of Stockholm. Ships of this type have existed since the Middle Ages and has its roots in small age-old (clinker buildt) fishing boats. After a new *SMA-inspection in 2001 the certificate says: Length 15.77 m / Width 5.19 meter. The Depth is approx. 1.7 m, Deplacement is 15 ton (8 gross) and the Sail Area 150 sqm. Rigged with one mast, Gaff Sail and Jib as 1800-century tradition.


The year of construction is most likely 1884/85 (although different dates "1874 or 1880" is mentioned in the local oral traditionbut can not be established with certainty.  Many of the ships from this period was approved by SMA in springtime, on the first occasion that often was the maiden voyage to Stockholm. The construction of ships usually took place during the winterThe first inspection is dated in 1886 and Helmi is classified as "newly built". 


Erik Andersson on Svartlöga is most definite the shipbuilder. His son Wiktor - noted as Skipper at the time of inspection Maj 10, 1886 is one of the reasons. The dimensions according to the protocol referred to from that time is: Length 14,9 m, Width 4,65 meter (17,79 ton). All other ship data is missing from this time.


* Swedish Maritime Administration


stated Anders Österman (Oxhalsö), as an owner according to register from that time: "The skipper

A.Ö born July 1, 1848 on Blidö, actual owner of Klara 11.39 t, Helmi 16.35 t and India 12 tons".



a neighbor, Calle Sjöblom (Oxhalsö) buys Helmi. Since 1891 he was a joint owner with 50 percent.



Helmi takes second prize in the "races with Roslagen Big Boats" June 30 at BaggensfjärdenShe

is one of four participating boatsShe also takes fourth place July 28 at the third race this year.



Helmi takes first prize in the contest with "Roslagen Big Boats" on 14 July.



Helmi is listed as "rebuilt" at a new ship measurement (undertaken by reason of the changes)She

was probably converted from clinker to cravell this year, vault in the stern, a new rudder with drill

and steering wheel. Also the old under-deck cabin has been replaced with a higher cabin of the

same type as the larger Wood Carriers.



Helmi is fifth in the "races for Big Boats", as this year is organized by the Stockholm Yacht Club

at Saxarfjärden. 15 boats started, 13 completed.



Helmi participate in "showcase races" during the Olympic sailing competition. 15 Big Boats is taking part in these races at Kanholmsfjärden, Helmi ranks in fifth place.



Einar Sjöblom becomes half owner of Helmi, as this year is motorized and the mast is removedShe

is likely equipped with an 8 hp engine from Avance at J.V Smith's automobile factory Augustendal,




the keel is changed to become more shallow.



Nils Lagergren (photographer at the Museum of History), buys Helmi and change her into a sailing

houseboat, declared to bring 60 square meter sail. Name changed to "Ellinor".



The County Library in Stockholm hires Helmi/Ellinor spring and fall and uses her as a floating library in the Archipelago of Stockholm. This goes on for six years until the next change of ownership.



a person from Sundsvall buys the ship.



Arne Kring from Hudiksvall becomes the owner of the vessel.



Gustaf Nilsson and Maria Bäckström buys Helmi/Ellinor and she is brought back by sea to

Stockholm where she mostly serves as a houseboat in the City Center.



Anders Justrell buys Helmi September 6. Together with his father Kjell she is moved to the island of Björkö in the northern part of the Archipelago, where she is dried and prepared for renovation.

Lagergren superstructure is demolished and the old hull exposed. She is now in very poor condition

and Justrell is applying several times for financial help from the Swedish Maritime Museum - but is denied each timeName change to Helmi.


Pär Stolpe from the Maritime Museum finally contact Anders and Kjell Justrell with a request if

Helmi can participate in the exhibition project "People and Boats in the Nordic Counties", an exhibit on display during the Cultural Capital year 1998 in StockholmAnders first donates the ship to his

father, Kjell then provide the boat as a gift to the Museum and he is engaged for a total renovation

of the ship. The intention is to restore the vessel back to her former glory - as she can be assumed to have been like in 1906. Another Sand Carrier, Gunhild of Ljusterö - one of the last ships of this type ever built (during the first decade in 1900s) becomes model. She was similar to Helmi regarding

measurement. Drawings by Lars Lennmor (Shipbuilder) was used because no pictures or other documentation of Helmi have been found from this period.



Helmi is transported by trailer from Björkö - where the initial renovation started during six months - to

Djurgården in Stockholm. She is placed outside the Maritime Museum in a specially constructed

boathouse with open sides. The idea was to make it possible for the audience to follow

Kjell Justrell´s work on the boat to the smallest detail. The costs for this major task is financed by the Museum's Friendship AssociationHelmi is registered at the District Court with the Maritime Museum (now the National Maritime Museum´s) as the owner.



The Association - Friends of Helmi is formed. An agreement is concluded with the Maritime Museum to take over as a new owner and complete the renovation and future management of the ship as a Sailing Museum. The first board consisting: Nils RasmussonPer OttossonMarkus

MarkussonHartmut Kaulbach, Gosta Roxell, Erik "KulanWennberg and Ulf Edlund.

Helmi is transported on a trailer January 15 from the Maritime Museum to Stämmarsund on Blidö

and forwarded to the new association - Friends of Helmi.



May 17 Helmi is drawn on oiled logs from the shed at Stämmarsund in position for the big day. The launching is scheduled for May 19. Approximately 3,000 spectators is present when she was

launched and the first test drive with here new engine is a successOn June 1 she is equipped

with a new mast - for the first time in 80 years she is sailing again. A different era begins with her new guardian "The Association - Friends of Helmi". The last Sand Carrier is completely restored and sailing again! 


Helmi receive cultural prize in 2002 by the Folklore Association. 


The Sand Carrier Helmi was listed as a Heritage Ship may 28, during a ceremony at the Wasa Museum

in Stockholm. At the same time The Associoation - Friends of Helmi finally becomes the new owner.


the old mast is replaced with a new one after a mast damage outside Blidö.
both jib and main sail is replaced by new ocean-class sails.


Sandkilen Helmi 125 years (1886 - 2011).




Sandkilen Helmi is a Member Ship of the  Swedish Sailing Ship Association. 



Stockholm Nov 19, 2003

Anders Djerv and Pär Stolpe

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