Helmi - Anno 1886

During the summer/autumn of 1998 contact was made between
The National Maritime Museum and the non-profit association of
Blidö District 2000. In collaboration and with the help from a
tourism consultant in Norrtälje (nearest city on the mainland), it was agreed that Helmi should be returned to Blidö as a gift. This was part of a campaign to attract tourism to the island. She was subsequently moved from The National Maritime Museum to Blidö on January 15th, 1999. It was a fantastic reunion and also a major contribution to local history. Helmi is now a great asset for the tourism campaign with the center at Stämmarsund on Blidö. Helmi was here during the final phase of the renovation and at last she is back at her original home port on Blidö.

The Association - Friends of Helmi was formed to restore Helmi to its former glory. The restoration included - among many other things, foredeck, side decks, aft deck, cabin, decoration, engine, rudder, rigging, new sails, caulking and painting. Kjell Justrell and other voluntary workers from the area completed the work on Helmi.


The completion has taken place through voluntary efforts and
sponsor support , both in terms of money and materials - not least from local businesses. Helmi was launched on May 19th, 2002. It was a celebration without comparison with more than 3000 guests. Helmi is now available for sailing tours in various forms. This is a different task than to restore a ship and a new challange for the association.



We welcome new members to The Association - Friends of Helmi, to support our listed heritage ship!

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