With Helmi to Lygna


On 14 August 2010, it was time for a voyage to Lygna in the outer coastline. Skipper, Atte

Blomberg told us the story about ships of this type in general and Helmi in particular. It was a

lovely morning, but no wind - so it had to be motoring towards Lygna.


Except for Atte, there were a total of four sailors onboard among the crew. Not surprising since this is a very popular sailing tour for the volunteer crews within the Association. With six knots, we went

north of Blidöpassing Kråkan, Norröra and Söderöra, following the chart to our destination beyond Svartlöga in the archipelago. During the trip, Soren Norrby (the guide) told us about the various islands we passed. History and the "stories". This is an ancient cultural landscape, so there is much to tell.


After Svartlöga we reach out to sea bays and passed Fredlarna and Ängskär heading Lygna. The passengers could see for themselves on the chart, if necessary with the assistance of the crew. Once there - now we had to find a safe place for the landing. When you go ashore in the outer

archipelago with Helmi it requires choosing a location in view of the wind. This particular day was

not windy so we went to the North Beach on Lyngna.


Those who wanted could then disembark directly over the bow for a walk up to the island's highest

point, while other passengers got into a small boat for a ride to Rinaldo's landing stage. When we arrived we were hospitably received by Magdalena Rinaldo, who began by telling us about the

different buildings on the island and its history and ownership. Then it was time for lunchThese

sailing tours include an excellent buffet lunch with local island products. A fantastic performance by

Magdalena to arrange this on an island - without electricity.


In the afternoon a light breeze blown up, so the passengers had the chance to participate in the heavy work to set sails. It is important to stretch properly and in the right order! It was wonderful

feeling when the captain turned off the engineand and the boat took off in the windThis is different

than a modern sailboat - the great feeling when a heavy ship takes off with wind in its sails.



We who were onboard can be pleased about a threefold experience;
- natural experience of sailing through Roslagen archipelago.
- boating experience in sailing ships.
- the culinary experience in Magdalena's lunch.
Finally, the captain seemed to fill in yet another successful Helmi-sailing in the ship's log.

Ingmar Ogren